Step 1: Understand the Basics of Blogging

Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Starting a Blog in 2019
Understand the Basics of Blogging


Let’s start with the basic - before you start your blog. Reading this article might be the best 5 minutes you ever spend. “Everyone” wants to start a blog and get blogging about something, but what does it really entail. Know the basics first - then you’re making an informed decision.


What's a Blog?

Essentially, a blog is a “website light” means of communicating information and ideas to an audience - usually in a more relaxed, informal or conversational style. Think of a blog as a less formal “conversation” with your audience.

There is something more, well - raw - about blogging. Raw in the independent and honest way. That’s a big part of why so many people love blogging and reading blogs. It’s, in many respects, communicating honestly without filters.


Why Should You Start Blogging?

There is something artistic, creative and genuine about blogging. With this in mind, you should start blogging if you have ideas and knowledge that you feel a need to share and communicate.


Why Should You Start Your Own Blog?

There are a number of “free” blogs out there that you can contribute towards. If you only want to write for the fun of it (in the narrow sense), then these might be appealing. However, as you’ll find out in this “how to” guide for starting a blog - it really isn’t difficult to setup and run yourself. Relatively speaking, it’s also pretty cheap on an annual basis.

From our perspective, starting your own blog is about:

  • Freedom to determine your own destiny; and
  • Control and ownership over your creative content.

Some of the biggest issues behind the music industry over the past decades have been about ownership of the creative content of the various artists. It’s a touchy subject, but should record labels really own the use and direction that musicians can take with their creative genius? Well, we see an analogy with blogging content.

If it’s a “one time” transaction, then you should be paid to produce the content and walk away. That would be what a copywriter does. However, if you’re blogging as a passion - and giving out your most creative and beautiful side (or your deepest and darkest side, or your versatile knowledge, or anything for that matter) - then the benefit of that should belong to you.

Starting your own blog, in our minds, means owning your blog. We’ll touch on this point again later in emphasising the importance of choosing the right web host - and it’s a reason we recommend Bluehost - so that there are no hidden terms and conditions when you sign up.


What's a Blogging Platform (or Content Management System)?

A blogging platform is the software that gets installed on your website so that you can publish your blog posts dynamically - and make changes to your website that are recursive throughout your blog. There is no 90s like html code where you need to spend time on every page.

We’re going out on a limb and directing you straight to WordPress. As a Beginner, you don’t need to look any further than WordPress for your blogging needs.

If you’re looking for something more “corporate”, then have a look at Drupal or Backdrop CMS. We’re also big fans of these CMSs. But, they require a lot more technical knowledge to get setup and going - and you can achieve everything you would with these by using WordPress. Oh, and WordPress was initially designed for blogging. It’s a win - win for a beginner to blogging.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the 1-Click installation that you can use with Bluehost - yet another reason we recommend them. However, we’ll also provide you with a step by step installation guide if you want to do the installation yourself.

As a note - make your life easy and use the 1-Click installation.


What's a Web Host (or Hosting Service Provider)?

A web host (or a hosting service provider) is the company that will actually make your site visible to the broader internet.


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