Step 1: Understand the Basics of Blogging

Start Your Blog

There is more value in planning your blog in advance than you might realise. Conceptualizing your blog is a process of agreeing the “roadmap” that you will be following once your blog is setup and hosted. We want you to be positive about the experience – and there is just so much to be positive about – but everyone has “off days” over time. When you have your concept planned, it becomes a useful way to keep going when you might feel uncertain. It happens to all of us.

By conceptualize your blog, we have the following aspects in mind:

  1. Decide on your blogging topic (or topics)
  2. Plan the “bigger picture” layout

Decide on Your Blogging Topic (or Topics)

For creative purposes, we’ll tell you to do whatever you enjoy. However, for impact purposes – be more specific! A blog should have a focus point (or finite points) if you want to grow a readership. You can literally blog about anything (provided it isn’t illegal). In the first draft of this article, we’d cited that the content shouldn’t be illegal or against public policy – but that’s not correct. Sometimes, public policy is stagnant and needs a reboot, which is what advocacy groups are there to advance – and advocacy groups should have blogs to communicate their ideas and convictions. So, blog about anything – provided the content isn’t illegal where you live.

If you are blogging about more than one topic, then the best advice we can provide is that the topics should have a logical connection. For example – cheese and wine, or books and coffee, or travel and travel accessories … you get the idea?

Plan the “Bigger Picture” Layout

On of the most powerful aspects of a blogging platform — such as WordPress – is that you can change the “look and feel” at any stage and the content doesn’t need a wholesale re-write. With that said, you still need to have some planning done upfront.

Here are some questions to guide this process:

  • Do you want your audience to arrive on a static front page or to a list of your latest blog posts?
  • Will you have an about page?
  • Within your topic(s), are there sub-categories that you can divide your content into?

Do You Plan to Monetize Your Blog?

Blog first for passion, and only secondly for money (if at all). But, if you’re going to monetize your blog – you should be conceptualizing the revenue streams so that you can bear these in mind when you write content.

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